Christmas with dior

With only 40 days left for Christmas and 8 for Thanksgiving, everyone is getting in xmas mode. This year the house of Dior collaborated with the Parisian Printemps store. Now talk about another reason to have that holiday trip to Paris, not that we needed another one . A series of limited edition products is made just for the occasion but the real star of the collaboration is the animated window display with the wonderful,almost magical marionettes. Parfums Christian Dior has created a limited edition line as well, called “Dior Grand Ball 2012”. The line includes Perfums, make up, nail polishes and a … Continue reading Christmas with dior

Getting back on track Πίσω στο πρόγραμμα

So is it really over? You drank champagne next to the yachts, you got uber bored in the summerhouse because your parents don’t want internet connection there, hell you even ate carbs ( and bitch im talking serious carbicide). But guess what now its kinda over… This morning i was expected to actually study for an exam im having in 2 days. Like hello, i am was on holidays i aint gonna study! . Getting back on track after a while can actually be very difficult. Like is my closet organised enough? Am I a fat bitch and do i dare to step … Continue reading Getting back on track Πίσω στο πρόγραμμα