We are growing up betting told to be strong and smart, to be able to handle everything by ourselves, to be the best at everything. And then, a time comes, where we simply are not as strong or tough. We are vulnerable. This actually has a name: it is called “the quarter-life crisis”.

The world is a rather scary place, especially for 20 something women who try hard to find their place in life. And yes, life can be a bitch sometimes, but ultimately the end goal does not matter that much. It is everything you experienced during the way and the lessons that you learned that define you. At the end of the day, every single one of us is going to fall at some point. Just like the great Diane Von Furstenberg said: ” I have had great success and great failures”.

The world is a playground and we are the players. Even in your greatest failures, do not forget to step up, take a deep breath and start working towards the future that you want for yourself. I might sound like an advertiser paid by DVF here, but quoting Diane again, ” I did not know how I would do it, but I always knew the kind of woman that I wanted to be. And that was an independent woman”. So the next time you mess up badly or just don’t live up to your expectations, remember that in life the most magical things usually come up out of the blue. Work hard, play hard, be patient and be kind.



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