Some things in life, like maths and physics, are always meant to be complicated. But there are some other things that even if you do want to understand, you just can’t. Men are just one of them.

How is a woman supposed to act in the post-Carrie Bradshaw era, when things seem to be less romantic and more casual? When did our list of the perfect man become a single word and the handsome, polite prince became just any guy who is not a total jerk? We might only be in our twenties, but my friends and I could not help it but question our love life these days.

Somewhere between our first job applications, our university courses and our dreams of travelling the world, love is totally forgotten. You have to care too much about how you look, how to be the best in what you do, how to fulfil your ambitions, that there’s simply no time left for anything else. We have been constantly told that in life you can’t have everything. So why would a 20something woman obsess about a guy more than a career and a Dior bag?  Maybe prince charming is waiting at the end of the road. Until then, there’s always Dior.


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