Marco Perego: the artist behind the celebrity

I always say that art divides humans from animals. Being able to see, create and appreciate it from a very young age helped me realize that art still remains the biggest expression of  human superiority. That being said i love when fashion, art, interesting stories and celebrities come together! It is like a celebration of beauty, prosperity and happiness. I heard about Italian artist Marco Perego several years ago, when one of his pieces graced Dolce and Gabbana’s S/S 2008 ad campaign. After all it was Stefanno Gabbana, who was one of the first famous clients of Perego, something that really helped his fame to rise. Perego’s pieces are anything but ordinary. Most of them express his deep devotion to  the  modern pop art movement and often cause controversy with their edgy themes. His sculpture of dead Amy Winehouse in 2008 (before her actual death) entitled “The Only Good Rock Star Is a Dead Rock Star “ was even characterized as brutal. He says his life is a fairytale. Being an injured ex soccer player, he found himself working as a bus driver and living in the Spanish Harlem. But Marco had talent and great friends. And im talking really great friends like Fiat’s heir Lapo Elkann, Stavros Niarchos and Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld. Adding to that  fans like Stefanno Gabbana and Giorgo Armani, it was only a matter of time before little Marco became a  noticeable artist of our generation. Perego’s future seems bright and we can only expect the best from him. Young talents like this may make our world a better and more creative place.

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